The TV-complex Hardware

The TVC creation equipment:

1. The journalistic location filming equipment

2. The studio equipment

3. The studio hardware equipment

4. The mobile studio equipment

5. Monitors and multiscreen processors

6. The sound hardware

7. The lighting equipment

8. The engineering orderwire system

9. The Computer equipment

10. The standard time signal system

11. The uninterruptible power supply system

12. The cross-connect equipment

13. The extra equipment

14. The technologic furniture

15. The data transmission network

16. The voice transmission network

17. The power network

18. The ventilation and air conditioning system

The company provides the equipment installation, all necessary complex of commissioning and maintenance works for its’ full-featured functioning.

For more information about the possible technical specification of the TVC toward its’ functional using you can appeal to the specialists of our company.