The e-document management

«DocLogix» is a master electronic document flow system (EDFS) dedicated to manage the mail, contracts, meetings, sessions, procurements and other documents or tasks, and also its’ computerization.

Specialized solutions, based on the «DocLogix» platform, simplify the information control and organization process.

The «DocLogix» platform capability:
- The process automation ;
- The adaptation without programming;
- The data storage and zipping;
- The version-control;
- The tasks management;
- The users control;
- Document templates;
- The search;
- Instruments of control;
- The optical character recognition (OCR) scanning;
- The digital and mobile signing;
- The different electronic document standards supply;
- The reports;
- The previewing;
- All types of documents supply;
- The Web-browser compatibility;
- The mobile access;
– The «Microsoft Office» integration;

The DocLogix advantages


The company always improves and upgrades its’ software product, that provides state-of-the-art technology and actual documents management request compatibility.


The «DocLogix» system provides the execution on daily tasks, the synchronous unlimited number of the documents signing in particular. In the same time, it helps to save an amount of time. Beside it, the adoption of the electronic documents permits to minimize the costs spent on the paper and others supplies.


The «DocLogix» helps the directors of organizations to control effectively all the main processes and tasks. The system gives a possibility to arrive at a comprehensive picture of the whole enterprise process in any moment, to analyse the available information and to provide the whole control of the setted tasks. For provision of security the innovated control mechanism of the information access right control was created.


The «DocLogix» provides a perfect possibility for the mobile work. The system users can download free a mobile application, which permits to see, to coordinate, to approve and to set a task and document from your smartphone or workpad.


The «DocLogix» offers the instruments that can not just to computerize the process making easier the users’ everyday work, but also to standardize it. The standardizing is a minimization of the extension costs and the risk reduction of the human error.


The «DocLogix» user interface is intuitively comprehensible, we can do complicated operations in the few clicks. It permits to manage with everyday tasks easier and make the learning to use the system quick.

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